We are stoked about this honey

My partner & I are always going out together, on the lookout for up-to-date local contractors to spend our money to make the biggest impact.

The people I was with and I are always trying to support our honorable local entrepreneurs & farmers around here, especially while in all of this ridiculous shutdown nonsense that’s been going on in the entire world lately, and local contractors have genuinely been struggling.

Anyway, every one of us were out buying our usual dozen fresh local eggs at one of the farms in the rural section of our town. The people I was with and I were heading back down the road to finally start on the way back home, & every one of us came across a sign at the end of one of the nearest driveways that said fresh local honey for sale. The people I was with and I carefully pulled into the driveway & came across a honey farm with a big beekeeping operation inside. You couldn’t see it from the road, however once you pulled a few yards into the driveway you could see the sizable amount of honey hives & large amounts of beekeeping materials they had all over the honey farm. This place definitely was not messing around! They were genuinely a sizable operation they had built up & they had a lot of unusual types of honey for sale. The man I was with and I ended up talking to the bee farmer & he was so friendly! He quickly taught us all kinds of stuff about beekeeping & his honey hives. I suppose every one of us have found our up-to-date source for local honey! I suppose every one of us will legitimately come back to buy Christmas gifts from them this year also.

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