We became great friends

I haven’t always been the most social person. As a matter of fact I’ve always been a bit of a loner. This one day I went to the bar just to have a few drinks and get out of my house for a little bit. I got to talking to the bartender and I let him know how I was having some problems with my HVAC equipment and wondered if he knew of a good HVAC company to use to solve my problem. I figured it would be good to ask because the air quality in the bar was fantastic and the climate control system seemed to work great. He told me that one of his favorite HVAC technicians was actually in the bar at that very moment at the pool table. I looked over and there were a bunch of guys laughing and having a great time shooting some pool. I decided to go talk to the guy and asked him if he would be willing to have a look at my HVAC system. He said he would if I joined them all in drinking and shooting some pool. I figured it couldn’t hurt. We all actually had a really good time and I even ordered everybody a few drinks also. I never considered myself to be a very funny guy, but I had these guys laughing like crazy. It was strange because I didn’t even feel like I was that funny, but I started laughing with everybody. The following day, the HVAC technician came over to my house and had a look at my HVAC equipment. He replaced some parts and cleaned out the equipment and before I knew it, my HVAC was working great. He invited me to come out for more pool and drinks and I was in. We became really good friends moving forward.

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