We couldn’t locate the thermostat

My sister and I recently went to a convention.

  • We were invited to come and speak out on the safety of the children in our area.

My sister had been doing a lot of research on how many kids in our area had severe asthma. We found out that almost 40% of all children had some form of asthma. Some were so severe that children were being hospitalized and a couple had died. We were proud to be advocates at this convention and we planned on doing our best. We were going to be doing a lot of work when not in the convention hall. We were glad to have a beautiful hotel suite where we could relax and get some work done in comfort. The first thing my sister did was to head over to where we thought the HVAC system should be. When she couldn’t find the HVAC system, she looked in both bedrooms and even in the dining area, but she couldn’t even find a thermostat. The room was very comfortable already, but she was chilled. We called the front desk and asked if someone from HVAC could come upstairs to our room. When the HVAC technician arrived, he told us that the reason we didn’t have a thermostat was because there was central HVAC in the hotel. All we had to do was to tell them what our desired temperature was. He told us that there radiant heating in the bathroom and if we preferred a change there, he would let the front desk know. We got to help the children and to find out what radiant heating was like.

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