We don’t want the odor

Taking teacher certification exams was horrible. The site I had to take the exams was sort of nice. The chairs were newer and cushioned. The PCs were newer and the whole venue was clean! Everything was entirely professionally done. The only thing that was awful was the lack of cooling in the exam room, but i think there was air conditioning coming out of the ventilation. The cooling was just faint. I wonder if the cooling system was just not powerful or if the temperature control was not set low enough for the room. No matter how I dressed or mentally prepped myself, I was shocked by the lack of air conditioning. It was horrible. I would have to rest in the room for around 5 minutes taking an exam. The room would be super hot and I would be covered in sweat since I was so nervous. Trying to focus, study detailed articles and write professionally with no good temperature control was horrible! Perhaps it was all an evil plot of the testing center. They don’t want you to be comfortable. They want you to fail so you have to spend money and take the test again. The light AC is all a ruse. They want you to think that they have your back with comfort, but they don’t. Honestly that tiny amount of AC was not even worth it. It was like a cruel joke. I would rather have heavy AC or no AC. Having tiny streams of cooling here and there was just plain awful. I never want to repeat that experience again.

AC system