We go to the farmers market for one reason

The people I was with and I are actually quite fortunate to live in a section of the country where there are a lot of wide open rural areas & farm markets.

The people I was with and I like going to all the local honey farms whenever every one of us have time, however occasionally I can tell you that every one of us can’t always get out into the country where the honey farms are situated.

Life gets busy from time to time & so every one of us find it quite difficult to get out on the back roads where you find the best kinds of farm markets & local honey farms most of the time. That’s why every one of us is always cheerful to try to go to the farmers’ market that sets up in the square downtown every single Saturday throughout the summer season & fall here in our town. The best honey farm in town always sends out someone to set up a table to sell their honey at the farmers’ market on the square. I always look for the sizable sign that says honey for sale & I generally go straight there when I get to the farmers’ market because occasionally I know that they sell out of honey. I have always been interested in beekeeping & honey, & of course usually I strike up a conversation with the people that come from the local honey farm to sell their wares. It’s always fun to learn more information about beekeeping & honey & those men usually know who I am. I suppose that you should always support your local honey local farmers if you possibly can! I hope that the really good honey farm always sets up at our farm market.


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