We had a nice time but the weather was really hot

I was pretty excited when I went on a cruise with my wife.

We were in a tropical paradise and the cruise ship was incredible.

We went to various tropical islands, and it was a good time. I have to admit though, I wasn’t all that thrilled about going to the different islands because of the intense heat and humidity. It wasn’t like I had a portable air conditioner to bring around with me while we were enjoying ourselves. I enjoyed swimming in the pool, but walking around with the intense heat and humidity was pretty difficult for me. So after checking out so many islands, I decided to pass on the rest of them. I mostly just relaxed in the A/C comfort in our room and I enjoyed different eateries on the cruise boat. I even caught a few movies which were pretty relaxing and I appreciated the ice-cold temperature control settings inside of there. I feel a little bit bad that my wife didn’t get to see all the islands, but I feel they all start looking the same anyway after awhile. I think that next time we decide to go on a cruise, we probably should have some sort of portable A/C device. I also would prefer to go when it’s not extremely hot outside and so humid. If it were more comfortable outside, I wouldn’t have minded going to see all the islands. I told my wife that we will get to do that next time, we just need to plan accordingly to be able to enjoy the most perfect weather. We might even be able to go snorkeling, I think that would be fun.
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