We had to buy a house sight unseen last year

Last year, we ended up having to buy a house before we had even seen it.

It sounds like a crazy undertaking, but it was something that we ended up having to do because of my husband’s job. He’s the main breadwinner in the family and so when he got a promotion in another state, we decided that we were just going to go ahead and throw caution to the wind and move before we ever saw the house that we were going to buy. We had a really great realtor who was willing to go out and find something that we would love. We have a couple of kids with some breathing issues and so the most important thing in a new house for our family was the fact that the place had a really high quality heating and air conditioning system. We wanted to make sure that our new house would have really great indoor air quality, for our children’s sakes. Because of this, we had our realtor sort all the homes not by square footage or by lot size or acreage. Instead, we had her look at the houses because of what sorts of HVAC systems they had. We knew that we wanted a place with radiant heated flooring rather than forced air heating because that has historically been better for our kids’ breathing problems. The other thing that we wanted to make sure that the new house was going to have was something called a whole home air purification system. We wanted a UV light air purifier that would run at the same time as the ventilation system for the central air conditioning. The realtor was able to find exactly what we wanted and our new house is great.

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