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Sometimes you have to suffer to get what you really want. In my case, I am putting aside all of my personal comforts and focusing 100% on saving up money so I can take the trip of a lifetime. Imagine laying on your back in a field of tall grass under the pulsing colors of the Northern Lights. Well I do have a chance to make that trip and cross something off my bucket list, so until then all creature comforts have been suspended! That means buying the cheapest toilet paper, eating nothing but noodles, and worst of all, not running my air conditioning all through the summer. Air conditioning was never something I considered a luxury item, it was something we all need to survive the summers. Now that I have to reevaluate every penny I spend, I realize there is a whole lot of money being spent on climate control. Cutting down on my A/C use could save me a little money, but cutting it out of my budget entirely will make a huge difference. I now am relying on a couple of box fans, which in no way replace a cooling system. They basically just blow hot air on me instead of cooling me down, but if I sit very still I can make it work. I just have three months left, then I can take my trip and resume my old HVAC loving ways. Maybe after living so long without it, when I return to using A/C it will feel better than ever before.

cooling system