We have to worry about our heater

I have a tendency to do things that don’t always help my body – I go all day long without eating and then I’ll finally eat a large meal around midnight once I’m beyond hungry. This habit honestly makes me feel a little off and it sometimes convinces me that I’m really ill, but I feel that’s the only way that my brain stays focused all day long. I also have a liking for filling my body with beer and smoke – especially when I’m not doing so well. The complication is, the winter time of year is the longest, coldest, and darkest time of year, and lasts about five months. This is a long period of time to be physically, as well as mentally uncomfortable, so I tend to turn to other means to ease the difficult season, and as such, my smoking and drinking usage rises. The largest issue, besides destroying myself internally, is that the frigid outside air is already too hard on my immune system. All the cold, dry air whipping blowing all around mixed in with all the snow flurries and ice storms, it just doesn’t do well for my respiratory system and makes it easier for me to get sick. When I add in my awful drinking and smoking habits, my poor body doesn’t rest a second! Before I know it, I’m shivering, covered in goosebumps, and then sweating – it’ll takes months before I’m physically better, and probably double the time before my mind is better as well.  

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