We have very nice things

Something that always makes me smile is when people do nice things unexpectedly. I remember this one particular afternoon, when our neighbors brought us over some freshly made pie that was absolutely delicious! They just did that out of nowhere, so our wife decided to make them some appetizing brownies! Before long, we were having dinner together just to have a fine time and enjoy each other’s company. All of us really became pretty good friends after that time, and the nice things continued as well. I still remember the shock I felt when our buddy was over to visit, and he observed that our cooling system was struggling to cool the house. I told him that I was a little short on money, so I couldn’t afford some high-priced HVAC repair at that time. That’s when he told me he had a good friend who was an HVAC professional! The man would be able to repair this with no complication, for a low price, per my good friend’s claims. I thought that sounded awesome, if not too good to be true. He called him over, and the guy handled our HVAC problems in no time at all! It was working at full capacity in a few hours’ time. Best of all, he even cleaned out our ductwork which the two of us never even did before! When it came to the price for the HVAC repair, he simply said all he wanted was a 12 pack of beer. How about that? My good friend said that he would take care of that for me, too. I just laughed and asked for them to stay for dinner and some drinks. We had a wonderful time and I was in such high spirits, having such wonderful people in our life!

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