We hired a professional to solve our dust problem

There is a ton of dirt, debris as well as dust on all of the surfaces in our home! I dust as well as vacuum regularly, but it doesn’t seem to matter much.

I thought the concern was seasonal, but this issue has continued for the last handful of months. I absolutely don’t change the air filter regularly enough, either, especially since all of us have a lot of dogs in the house. I should change the air filter regularly, despite the fact that I try to save some money by only changing the filter every four months… Now the dust is adding up as well as changing the filter yearly has made no difference to the indoor air pollen levels. I finally decided to call a professional to solve this problem. I hired a ventilation expert that specializes in ductlabor problems; The ventilation expert came over to give me a free estimate. They concluded that all of us had many different areas in our ducts plan that needed to be sealed. The holes as well as problematic areas were allowing access dust, debris, as well as dirt to enter our air ventilation system. The price was steep, but they guaranteed great results. The ventilation experts spent 3 hours cleaning all of the ducts in our home. Three women in hazmat suits spend time inside of our current home as well as up in the attic. They took a few pictures of the problematic areas. I could see results, as well as that made me more relaxed about the service. The ventilation experts finished their service last Sunday, as well as I don’t see huge results right now. I’ll absolutely notice a significant difference when I change out the air filter; Hopefully it will not be as full of dirt as well as dust per usual.

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