We just want to be healthy

Last August, my hubby Toby in addition to I decided to host a big celebration for friends, family and neighbors.  Both of us went through a great deal of effort in and expense, working on our lawn, gardens, renting a tent with chairs,as well as buying a bunch of beer plus food.  The day before the celebration, it started to rain extremely hard. Despite the rain, there was no relief from the heat or humidity. The two of us quickly realized that we’d end up with our guests inside the house.  It would certainly get harshly crowded along with overheated. The interior was already a bit too warm from all of my baking. To make sure our home was as comfortable as possible, we lowered the temperature control setting many degrees and cranked up the fan speed on the air conditioner.  For a couple of minutes, the air conditioner worked quite well and gratefully the apartment was comfortably cool. Then, abruptly, the cooling system just quit. Both of us checked the batteries in the temperature control, the air filter, the fuse box, and neither of us could figure out the problem.  Toby then took the entire air conditioner apart, confident he could handle the repair. Unfortunately, he couldn’t figure out the issue, he also couldn’t put the air conditioner back together. We had to call a Heating and A/C corporation and ended up having to pay extra for emergency service. The air conditioner required various substitute parts, along with the corporation having difficulty locating them.  Both of us were easily relieved when he managed to get the cooling system properly working soon before our celebration. The apartment was perfectly cool for our guests, plus everyone seemed to have a nice time.

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