We knew exactly what we wanted

For a little while now, my wife and I have been talking about upgrading our HVAC system. We talked about it here and there, but we never actually got around to speaking to an actual HVAC technician until recently. She finally convinced me that we needed to actually go to the HVAC company to see if they could install what we wanted. We were actually interested in a geothermal HVAC system. We wanted to have a safe and green HVAC system that would be extremely energy efficient. We had plenty of money saved to afford a costly installation. I also had read a lot about geothermal HVAC systems and knew that the energy savings would be so great, that we would eventually recover the cost of the installation. The geothermal HVAC systems are more efficient than any HVAC because they pull natural heating and cooling directly from the ground. The installation of such a system is expensive mostly because of the deep drilling that is involved for installation. You have to dig deep to get access to the natural heating and cooling of the Earth. The thing that’s most impressive to me is the fact that there is absolutely no combustion involved which means there is zero risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and there is no pollution involved. The maintenance would be very minimal and these systems last forever. My wife and I were actually disappointed when the HVAC technician told us they didn’t have any geothermal HVAC systems at their place of business. We were going to have to look elsewhere for our geothermal HVAC system.

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