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My dad had a saying that she adopted from a popular song: “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.” In other words, if you’re someone who doesn’t learn from observation, you’ll absolutely have to be tough enough to take the pain that comes with first-hand experience. To put it nicely, our sibling is a single of the toughest people I know! While I knew that putting our hand in a tepid pan on the stove was a bad idea, our sibling had to suppose the pain to understand why it was such a bad idea! This trait carried over well into our adulthood too, as our sibling would make bad decisions that caused personal injury many times. One such opportunity came when our sibling tried to refill the refrigerant for her outdoor air conditioning unit! Just to be clear, only a licensed heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning repair supplier has permission on a federal level to handle refrigerant for an cooling system. My sibling is absolutely not a licensed HVAC supplier, however that didn’t stop him! She told me about this incident, where she took refrigerant intended for use in a vehicle’s air conditioner plan – as well as attempted to recharge her outdoor air conditioner unit with it! While she successfully found the line for the refrigerant as well as managed to get a can’s worth of coolant into the system, it wasn’t the common formulation to be used in a home’s air conditioner system. That meant that she caused her entire air conditioner plan to become seriously injured from the inside out, as well as in turn she had to pay multiple the United States dollars for a brand current outdoor air conditioner unit. Though she didn’t physically harm himself on this occasion, she absolutely hurt her financial standing for the next year!

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