We know what our furnace needs

This month 1 of our school assignments is to do numerous task shadows of jobs every one of us guess every one of us may want to join after every one of us finish college.  I have been dreading this assignment all year because I still have no method what I want to do with our life. My father wants me to be a heart surgeon like him, although I really am not interested in the medical field.  He knows I have no interest it too, even though he still insisted that I do a task shadow with him at the hospital and I couldn’t have had a more annoyed time. My mother wants me to be this big wig ad executive liked he is, although I don’t like the method of having to bring our task home with me at the end of the afternoon, I really don’t like the method of being the boss, and I don’t really have a creative mind like he does.  Again, that didn’t matter and I ended up having to do a task shadow with his too. I was convinced that it wouldn’t matter what kind of task I shadowed I wouldn’t find anything that I liked so I asked our friend if I could shadow him for a afternoon and he drove around fixing people’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems. He was glad to have the supplier for a week. I was really actually fascinated with what he did. I liked learning how the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems worked, I liked that I wouldn’t have to report to the same place every single afternoon, I liked that I could task with our hands, and most of all I liked that I wouldn’t have to wear a suit.  I guess I may have found our niche by task shadowing our neighbor.

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