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When I was with my friend at his beach house the other morning, it was way overheated in his room, and when I pointed that out to him what the heck was going on with the temp control, he explained that he bought an iguana and he had to maintain the room nice and hot for the iguana to remain cozy. I asked him why they couldn’t just use a lamp like all the other people else do, and he stated he did use a heat lamp, even though they didn’t want to risk the animal becoming too cold anyway. I looked at the set up with the iguana and sure enough, they had a heat lamp. I thought perhaps the lizard was feeling a little fried as well however I just don’t know that much when it comes to reptiles. When my friend asked if I wanted to get into some video games, I had to beg off because I totally felt like I would pass out from the extreme heat in that room. I told him I could use a cold drink so both of us made the choice to go to the kitchen. It was perfectly adjusted in the kitchen and I questioned my friend how it was so refreshing in the rest of the beach house but his room was so blazing. He said that his folks installed Heating and A/C zoned control for the beach house and every room had an independent temperature control. I thought that was most cool, however I was sure that my parents would not buy something as fancy as that! My friend then began to explain that it wasn’t all that fancy and the bills were entirely much cheaper because they wouldn’t have to heat and cool the entire beach house all of the year. I thought that made a great deal of sense so I decided to inform my parents later on about Heating & A/C zoned control and the savings they would have on their utility bills.

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