We love our indoor air purification system

I finally had a good reason to spend the extra currency on adding a whole home air purifier to our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

This has been something that both my wife Dawn and I have considered doing for several years.

WE all have suffered from allergy symptoms all of our lives. While the HEPA filters for the Heating and Air Conditioning system have been helpful, it didn’t completely eradicate the problem we were having. Plus, since the two of us lived in an area where the Heating plus Air Conditioning is on all year long, the two of us dealt with little fresh air in the house. And of course, that means a lot of recycled smells lingering in the air inside our home. This was a hassle for us plus sometimes a bit of an embarrassment as well. My wife takes pride in keeping our home really clean and organized. It has been sort of a rule that the two of us want our house to be ready for visitors at all times. However, that stubborn indoor air smell belied those efforts. That was another factor for us in our initial considerations of putting in a whole home air purification system in the house. But we still had a hard time justifying the expense. Well that all changed with the pandemic situation. Once we both realized just how crucial good indoor air quality was to our immune system and health, the cost of the Heating plus Air Conditioning addition was justified. I guess until this health crisis, I hadn’t really made the connection between Heating plus Air Conditioning and our immune health. But it’s apparent to me now, because with good indoor air quality, the immune system isn’t able to respond to our respiratory system. It was really an easy choice then. Plus we really appreciate having an apartment that smells clean too!


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