We love our smart thermostat

I would really like to replace our apartment with an automation system, and more and more of the appliances I purchase include WIFI capability.

I’m now able to control our oven, washing machine, dryer, coffee machine and microwave through our PC.

I receive SMS notifications from our water heater, sump pump and dehumidifier; There are far too several apps and rather than adding convenience, managing all of these different gadgets is getting frustrating. With an apartment automation system, I’d have a central hub to simplify operation. I could include door locks, lighting, sound system, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, window sensors along with temperature control. I’ve decided to start small and recently invested into a smart temperature control. The current temperature control offers so several features that I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to operate it, then however, the touchscreen interface was lovely user-friendly and guided me through the set up, and for the first month after upgrade, the temperature control tracked every adjustment I made to temperature and l acquired our family’s schedule and preferences. It then created a customized program and I almost never need to mess with it. The temperature control also includes something called geofencing, which monitors the location of our smartphones. When any member of the family enters a certain radius of the house, the temperature control adjusts temperature to welcome us apartment to ideal temperature. When we end up leaving for work and university, the idea raises or lowers the temperature to conserve energy. I love that I can access all sorts of information or make changes through our smartphone from virtually anywhere. The smart temperature control helps me to take better care of the Heating and Air Conditioning idea and trim energy bills. Having the smart temperature control put into place has convinced me that an apartment automation idea would be beneficial.

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