We love the air conditioning

After six months of searching for a home, my wife and I finally found the perfect house.

We never thought we would be living in a gated community with look alike houses.

The price was right in our budget. Buying a new home in this community for that little, is unheard of. We not only bought it, but it was brand new. Although the new home looks a bit plain on the outside, they put a good bit of detail into the interior. Everything was beautiful, including the carpet in the living area. It isn’t just average carpeting, and it feels plush to the touch. What all of us like more than anything else are the amazing appliances. They installed a glass cooktop oven range and a smart refrigerator that we can control with our phones. Best of all, the central HVAC plan in this home is also amazing. The air conditioning can get the home cool and dry in a little under an hour, regardless of the temperature outdoors. The entire system is streamlined and well insulated. Like our fridge, we also have a smart temperature control that all of us can control from anywhere there is a Wifi signal. This is great for when we are on holiday and we want to monitor the climate in the house. If need be, we can turn the AC off if it is too dry in the house. This will also give our electric a break. The high efficiency of the HVAC system already has us seeing savings at the end of the month.

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