We loved the heater

I always thought that yoga and radiant floors would be a nice mix, however that is a terrible combination, if you didn’t know! I am a huge workout freak. I do all sorts of jobs throughout the week. I go jogging, kickboxing, weight lifting and yoga style workouts as well. My heated furnace recently quit on me and I decided to update with radiant floors. I thought for my several workouts, radiant floors would task amazing. The furnace stays in the flooring level and none of the warm air rises at all! Every single object that touch the floors absorb the heat. I like to task out with folding mats. I thought it would be nice having basically a heated folding mat, heating and  working out should never be combined. however when I slip or fall, the radiant heating system makes my hands begin to sweat. I basically slip and fall the whole time; Kickboxing and the radiant furnace is not as bad. My feet get moist and I get tired quick. Weightlifting afternoon I hardly notice that I have radiant floors, but yoga is the worst of all. Laying on the heated mat is horrible. I get so tired, lazy and hot. I don’t want to turn off my radiant heating system while I work out. The whole house heating would be affected then. But being super hot while stretching is not fun. I sort of wish that I had a furnace installed. I was able to be out of the line of heating more simple. I also could turn off the furnace and not have the whole house instantly get cold.

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