We loved the rock concert

When I was working for a huge exercise equipment company, I was travelling all over.  I made a really living, and I was able to take my wife and I on some very nice getaways.  WE saw a lot of those tourists sites, and we got to stay in new moderns hotels. We were in big cities and in home towns and most of the expenses were paid.  One time, we were in a city where they had a huge amphitheatre. I was told that there was a concert going on that weekend with one of the top rock bands of all times.  I asked if it was sold out and the man just nodded, but he said he could try to get us a couple of tickets. The only thing he could get us was VIP tickets and they were outrageously priced, but I bought them.  When we got to the amphitheatre, we were shown to our VIP seats. We were right in front of the bank, and you could see and smell their sweat. There was a large air conditioning system that had the air vents directed at the band and at the VIP seating area.  All of a sudden I was glad that we had paid for the VIP tickets, because it was ninety outside, and because of the AC in the front of us, we were comfortable for the near three hours that we sat through the concert. I no longer work for that company, but my wife and I often talk about the concert.  That air conditioning was amazing, and I still marvel at the cost, and the comfort we had in an outdoor amphitheatre.