We might break up over AC

Can you dump someone over something as small as AC? I really do love my boyfriend.

He is a great guy and is very good to me.

We like the same movies, music and activities. The only thing we don’t really agree on is air conditioning. We are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum and it drives us crazy. I swear my boyfriend was a menopausal woman in another life. He just runs a few degrees hotter. He is constantly cold and wants AC. If we drive anywhere, no matter how short the distance, he is turning on the car AC. Opening the windows do not do the job apparently. He also wants to do mainly indoor activities with good air conditioning. The movies is a popular date choice for him. Living with his AC craziness is the worst though. Anytime I leave the house, the thermostat gets lowered. The house then is freezing cold when I return. In fairness, I do the same but opposite with him. I am constantly upping the thermostat and trying for heating. He can’t leave for work, an appointment or even to go outside that I am not turning off the AC. He complains of always being too hot and I am constantly wearing a jacket. We are getting on each other’s nerves with the climate control issue. So can we really live together when air conditioning is so major to us both? I never would run the AC system and my boyfriend would never turn it off. Every fight centers around it.

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