We might sell the equipment

When my aunt bought her house, she loved the size of the property in addition to the privacy.  Surrounded by acres and acres of woods, she didn’t need to worry about neighbors or traffic. Although she’d lived within the city limits with city water, she was enthusiastic to have her own water well.  She assumed this would deliver her a good supply of water at no expense. Unfortunately, her well produces undoubtedly poor water which is full of rust, lime, & calcium. She’s tried water softeners, but her water is so contaminated that they simply run her out of water.  The hard water creates damage, aggravation, in addition to expense. She’s discovered that regardless the quality of water she purchases, it won’t last longer than a few years. Despite draining her water heater every year in addition to always keeping up with professional service, the excessive minerals in the water always corrodes the tank.  She has the same problem with all the appliances the water touches. Her washer needs to be upgraded every six years. She’s given up running the dishwasher. The dishes come out stained and very spotted every time. Her water stains the tubs, sinks, even her clothing. It damages her pipes in addition to her drains, and is a problem for her family’s skin, teeth, and hair.  The hardness of the water means she needs to use more detergent and soaps, which is also taxing on her pipes. She’s consistently cleaning and then dealing with plumbing repairs. While my aunt loves her home’s location, she’s thinking about selling just because of her water well.