We need a change

I never liked the Summer season.  Even as a young child, I watched all of my friends get excited for Summer getaways, while I moped around plus dreaded the sticky heat.  Time off from my studies didn’t even reconcile for how much I hated the Summer weather. The Summer is sticky plus humid. I have unquestionably curly hair, so it has never agreed with me, and additionally, Summer activities aren’t all fun and games. I never received lessons on how to swim plus I hated playing outside with my siblings.  My parents purchased a small window air conditioner component for my dining room when I was a child plus this was my saving grace. I spent all of my Summer days reading by that cooling unit. It helped me relax better at evening too, but my parents regret buying it because it caused me to stay indoors all the time while my siblings played outside with their friends.  Now, as an adult, my number one priority is my air conditioner unit. Every year before Summer comes, I have my cooling component worked on plus evaluated. My worst case scenario is the component shutting off during the peak of Summer, so I get annual checks to avoid this from occurring. One year, I skipped my annual visit because I was unquestionably forgetful. This was the worst decision of my life.  In hindsight, I should have known that the annual check was extremely important. That year, my air conditioner component broke down at the start of one of the hottest Summer evenings. I could barely breathe. It was a clue about why I hate this season so much. Ever since then, I haven’t missed a single annual service check.

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