We need a new HVAC system

Last week, the furnace went out in our house.

I was glad that it was spring and we really didn’t need to have the furnace running. We called the HVAC company and they sent a representative out to the house. The first thing he did was to take measurements of the house. He asked a lot of questions about the amount of people in the house and what we wanted from our HVAC company. I started telling him all the things I had heard about. I wanted the humidifier and dehumidifier. I wanted an air purification system and I wanted to have those special air filters so we could be bacteria and allergen free. The last thing I really wanted was to have a Smart Thermostat. The Smart Thermostat was the only thing that we agreed on. My husband was considering installing a ductless mini split HVAC system. He said we could get rid of the ductwork and the furnace from the basement and it would get rid of the clutter. The HVAC tech was kind of laughing at us, but he told us it was an important decision and he some answers if we came up with any questions. I had a feeling he would be sitting there for a couple days. We were talking about a geothermal when the HVAC tech chimed in that the geothermal would work, but since we already had our home in place, it would be very expensive to install. He also volunteered that a heat pump wouldn’t work in this cold climate. We would always be relying on a secondary heat source. He had quickly narrowed down our choices.

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