We now have many needs

My sister has always been able to get on my nerves very easily. From childhood, she was regularly the favorite of our parents, our other family members, and our friends too. It’s not fair! She has always been more fit that I and takes pride in sports. But I take pride in other things, like my work. Working in sales has its good and bad days, but overall I thoroughly enjoy it. I have recently began going to the local gym as much as possible to try to become more fit. Upon sharing my accomplishments with my sister, she rudely laughed in my face! My blood began to boil as I explained how surprised she would be if she saw me in action. Boy, what a mistake that was. She then challenged me to a race around the block. The winner would receive a large amount of coin from the loser to use as they please. I knew what I would have used it for, a brand new Heating and Air Conditioning system! My new home does not have its own unit in it, so having an HVAC unit would greatly increase my comfort level. Maybe I could even splurge on one of those mobile thermostats to use on my smartphone! However, when the morning of the race came, my nerves got the best of me. What if I did not win? Then I would owe my sister a great deal of money, not to mention how embarrassed I would be. Later that morning I met my fate. She completely smoked me in the race. No new Heating and A/C system for me, but at the very least I gained pride in myself for trying!

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