We Take HVAC For Granted

Many of us take heating and cooling our homes and offices for granted.  I know I most likely would, if I didn’t work in the HVAC industry. We all fully expect our heaters to come on when the temperature drops.  Or maybe you have the expectation of the air conditioner coming on to cool the house in the summer. I know from experience that heating and cooling units work better when they are maintained properly.  Any user of heating and cooling equipment should be advised to schedule an HVAC tune-up with a local provider. I say that not because I’m in the HVAC business, but because your heating and air conditioning unit is equipment.  Equipment needs to be maintained.  You get your car to the mechanic shop every so often, don’t you?  Getting the all-important HVAC tune-up is not much different. Having an air duct cleaning once in a while is also conducive to better indoor air quality.  The HVAC service technician will remove dust and dirt found in the ductwork, and seal any leaks found. Sealing leaks in the ductwork will help provide a higher indoor air quality, saving you money on energy costs.  You don’t want to heat or cool your home, only to have that conditioned air blowing through holes. There are also simple HVAC preventive maintenance tasks that you can perform at home.  Such as changing the air conditioning filter on a regular basis.  You don’t want to let the grass get too tall around the outside unit either, and wash it down at times.  

HVAC maintenance