We want a better quality HVAC filter

My boyfriend as well as I have been together for a bit. A few months ago, we decided to move into an apartment together. It was a truly big step, because my boyfriend has a dog. When I was a child, I was dealing with severe flu symptoms. One of my dust troubles is with dogs. My boyfriend as well as I talked about my flu symptoms for a few months, before we decided to move in together. In order to deal with the animal hair as well as dander, we purchased a good working air filter for the heating as well as a/c. My boyfriend as well as I chose a specialty air filter recognizably made for homes with a few pets. The special air filter is made for homes with air quality concerns. My boyfriend as well as I have been living together for 3 months, as well as my flu symptoms have not been too terrible. The friendly dog even sleeps in our home office, at the foot of the bed. Every one of us change the ac filter every month, even if it shows no signs of wear as well as tear. Most days, the air filter is filled with a gross slew of hair, dirt, as well as pet dander. Luckily, I know the air filters are trapping most of the harmful indoor air pollutants. I have not had any irritants,and I recognize the speciality air filters are making a real difference in our air quality.

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