We were all laughing and having fun

Rob plus I have a date night every Saturday night.  Last week, was truly special because both of us were celebrating My 30th birthday.   I bought a gorgeous summer dress and some hoop earrings to go with it. My hubby made reservations at a five star eating establishment and reserved a room at a resort hotel on the beach. It is about a 3 hour drive, and when we were halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten my sweater. The summer dress I bought had spaghetti strings and I knew that the eating establishment would be crazy cold.  Just as I suspected, the very first thing I felt when I walked into the fancy eating establishment was how cold it was. I asked for some warm Jasmine tea hoping that it would make me feel warmer. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I asked our waiter if he could turn the AC down a little, and he said that it would not be a problem but by the time our food arrived, I was so cold I was shaking and couldn’t eat. I felt so bad to ask our hubby to leave earlier than both of us planned, however he was more than willing since he knew I was truly cold. Our waiter saw us getting ready to leave our table and asked us if there was a problem. I told him that it was simply too cold in the eating establishment for us to stay! He asked us politely to wait while he talked to the night manager. The manager came back and apologized for it being so cold. He didn’t charge us for anything and promised to raise the temperature. Thankfully, both of us were able to stay plus finish our meals. I don’t guess why eating establishments are so cold, but I wish they weren’t.

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