We were aware of the problems

My father is really nuts when it comes to our safety, even as an adult. I am the youngest child plus I was late the leave the nest. This is the very first time on our own as a grownup plus our father is the a single not doing well. He is constantly dropping everything and running over to our place to make sure everything is okay. He already has took care of our Heating plus A/C, double checked our electric, looked very carefully over all our plumbing plus made sure our lake cabin is sturdy and secure. My father also has taken to seeing documentaries on silent killers hiding in the home. He then rushes over to our cabin thinking that something might actually happen to me. I have a billion smoke detectors installed sturdily in our lake cabin because apparently a fire can start fast plus may not be observed for awhile. My father also installed a carbon monoxide detector for us on every wall of our home. The newest a single is that our father wants to check our whole entire cabin for radon. He has a radon detection kit all ready to go. If I thought our sweet father could handle this, I would let him look at our radon levels. But, I also definitely recognize our father will go overboard. He will want to put a radon detection device permanently in every room of our house. It won’t matter if I have no to little radon, no matter what happens our father will be on me to install a radon mitigation system. I am sincerely not going to do this. So I now have banned our father from checking the levels of radon in our home. He is going absurd right now plus is most certainly convinced there is radon slowly killing me.

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