We were stressed because we were uncomfortable

The other day when my girlfriend and I were relaxing at home, the HVAC system actually failed on us. It quickly became overheated in the house because the cooling air was no longer flowing from the HVAC vents. I was disappointed when I was looking at the thermostat, and my girlfriend started yelling at me to do something instead of just staring at the thermostat. I told her I had to diagnose the issue before I decided to call the HVAC company for an expensive system repair! We started fighting and it really got out of control. She finally stormed out of the place without even telling me where she was going. Instead of chasing her or trying to call her phone, I just called the HVAC company to set up and appointment to have the cooling system fixed. I was surprised when the HVAC technician arrived about 2 hours later. He was in good spirits and said that the issue wasn’t very significant. He said it was good that I had a clean air filter. I said I definitely made sure to change the air filters on a regular basis. He actually had the cooling system working again after an hour. He said there were some worn parts inside there and he simply had to replace them to get everything working again. I felt even better after seeing the bill for his services. It didn’t even cost me that much money which was a relief. I knew I was stressed because I thought it was going to cost me a small fortune, but it wasn’t so bad. Later on my girlfriend returned and was happy that the A/C was working again. I said sorry for yelling, and so did she. We both realized we were just stressed out because we were uncomfortable.

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