We would have to reach a compromise

When I was over at my girlfriend’s place the other day, I realized that she kept her heating system up way too high. At least for me, it was incredibly uncomfortable. I remember asking her if she could adjust the thermostat so it wouldn’t be so sizzling in her place, but she said it felt just fine and she liked to have the thermostat set at 75 degrees. I personally preferred to keep my climate control system set at 70 degrees, so this felt way too hot for me. I finally talked her into going for a walk with me. I really just wanted to escape that blazing hot house, but thought it would be nice to spend some time together on a nice walk. She put on her heavy coat, hat, and gloves. I thought she might be a little overdressed because it wasn’t all that cold outside, but she liked to be as toasty as possible. So we walked to the park and walked down the different paths. We actually had a pretty nice time. It wasn’t even something that we planned but it was nice just to talk and at the same time I didn’t have to deal with a heating system that was blasting too much heat. She was saying we should go back to her place, but I told her I had a better idea. We could go back to my place and I would cook dinner for the both of us. While she did like the sound of that, I mostly didn’t want to become overheated again in her place. If this thing was going to work, we had to figure out a compromise for the climate control settings.

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