Weak air current coming from some of the air vents

I was so excited to get the keys to my new home.

I bought the house at such an amazing deal.

I was located in the lake area and it was a pretty three bedroom, three bath home. I should have known something had to be wrong with it since the price was so insanely low. I needed to get someplace to live as quickly as possible. I was losing my apartment because the building had sold. I couldn’t afford the rent the new owners were going to charge since it was going up by almost 130%. I knew I should be able to find a home to buy for that ridiculous monthly amount of money. I guess I should have been more diligent in getting all of the inspections done, most especially the flood inspections, but I was anxious. The realtor saw me coming and knew how desperate I was. I wasn’t even there for a week when I realized how much work needed to be done. I had faulty plumbing in the one bathrooms and the outdoor lights didn’t work. I had no usable heating or air conditioning. The thermostat was missing in two of the bedrooms and the master thermostat in the living room, was missing. There was even a part of the ductwork that looked like someone had tried to patch it with putty. I had the HVAC company come in and repair the HVAC system but I still wasn’t getting equal airflow from all of the air vents. They told me that it was because of where the air vents were situated from the furnace and air conditioning system.


HVAC system