Wearing our socks

I have such a hard time understanding marriage on a philosophical and practical level. I mean, I don’t know how people manage to stay together for 20 or 50 years without strangling each other (most of the time). Honestly, I don’t know how people stay together for 5 years even. I certainly know that my boyfriend drives me absolutely crazy, and there are plenty of times I’m ready to get far, far away from him after 2. Maybe this urge passes with time, or maybe people just lose their fight or flight instincts after a decade of dealing with someone else’s bullshit. What I do know for sure, is he had better get away from our thermostat if he ever wants to see me again. I never thought that our basic thermostat upgrade, from an old dial model to a digital temperature control panel with the option to program your HVAC system, would be the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. I thought we were making an overdue update to our home central heating and cooling system which would allow us to set basic temperature control demands for the thermostat. I thought this would reduce our energy expenditure enormously, considering we often forget to adjust the air temperature before we leave for work in the morning. I never thought that my boyfriend would become consumed by the task of perfecting our air temperature control programming. These days, I can always find him sitting in front of the air temperature control device, looking at his detailed notes of our daily activities and adjusting the furnace and AC by a degree or two here, a minute or so there. He insists its all in the name of lowering our energy bills, but at this point, the programmable thermostat knows more about his daily schedule than I do.