Weed has helped my anxiety so much

Where I am, recreational marijuana is still not allowed.

However, once you have the right documentation from a medical professional, you can get a medical marijuana card with no problem.

I figured people who had cancer, epilepsy, seizures, plus depression would be the only people who would get the card. So for years I suffered from anxiety with no help. I had it where I would need to pull over my car on our drive to work because it felt as if I was having a panic attack and about to die. I would black out behind my eyes, get sweaty plus feel real ill. I thought about going on heavy duty pills, but thankfully I decided to see if I could try cannabis. I found a doctor that is known for handing out medical marijuana cards. I only needed to chat with him for a few hours and then I was allowed to have legal marijuana. I then picked up some cannabis flowers and some oils to treat my anxiety. I have to say, I have seen quite a difference in how I am. I am a more relaxed and cheerful person, before it was a struggle to get out of bed, go to work plus put on a happy smile. I had trouble maintaining relationships, finally working out plus eating healthy. With cannabis, I am a better rounded person. I am doing so well in the workplace, casually seeing a woman plus I take time to do a fitness class more than two days a week. I have even started trying vegetarian dishes to eat healthier.



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