Went on an electricity cleanse to save currency on our electric bill

I am trying to save currency for various reasons.

I have excess student loans to pay off.

I honestly want to buy our first home. I want to pay off our car. I also want to be able to shop freely & not worry about if I will run out of currency. I analyzed our account to see where most of our currency goes, of course our bills take the chunk of our currency. I analyzed a bit deeper & realized that our electricity bill ends up being honestly high every month. I suppose this is because I always run our air conditioning in the Summer & without a doubt run our heat in the winter. I don’t honestly guess about turning lights off & I often use electronic devices. I decided to go on an electricity cleanse for a month to see how much currency I save. I honestly thought about the electricity I need & the electricity that is a luxury. I work from apartment so there are times where I need to use our iPad & light to see it, so that is a necessity, but even though it is Summer & it is absolutely hot out, I suppose that I could try our best to live without air conditioning for a month to save currency, but the first week without air conditioning was the hardest, and at night, I was so used to blasting the cooling dehumidifying central air conditioning. I was used to feeling nice & cool & cuddling under the covers, then using fans, opening windows, & drinking plenty of freezing water helped myself and others get through the rest of the month without air conditioning, and my electricity bill went way down.



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