We’re all feeling safe at work now

Larger office buildings often have difficulty keeping track of big integrated systems such as temperature control.  When our company decided to go green, they sent an email to all of the executives for ideas. My partner was working as strategic analyst for a software company downtown.  They specialize in the installation of building management systems. I suggested that the company have our temperature control system monitored to save money. The temperature control system functions in a variety of ways to save the company money.  First, the temperature control system is set for three specific modes, then each mode has its own unique temperature variations. The specific modes correspond to the particular temperature needs of our building. Occupancy mode sets the entire temperature automation system to a temperature of seventy two degrees, with a relative humidity of fourteen percent.  But come evening, when the building isn’t occupied, the temperature control system goes into sleep mode which consists of shutting down the Heating and Air Conditioning system to the very bare minimum. An analytics specialist can also use the numerous collected data to help find other opportunities to save on energy consumption. When I pitched this system to the board, they were enthusiastic about my initiative. They sounded genuinely interested, and I got an email a few nights later. They want me to supply an entire presentation on this energy saving solution, and told me it is now my number one priority. I have been working on the plan through the week, and I guess this might be a huge chance for me. If the board is pleased with the plan, it could mean a promotion with a steep raise.

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