We’re dealing with a busy day

Last month my family and I spent spring break with my husbands eldest daughter and her family.  I am a very clean person, I worry about the presentation of my home, and I also worry about how it smells to others.  I am usually told I worry about this stuff way too much but I can’t help it this is just how I am. Since this is how I am I always think that other housewives feel this way too.  I realized this is not the case when we arrived at my husband’s daughter’s house. She has so many animals that her whole home just smells very pet like. She had a sink full of dirty dishes that had clearly been there for a few days, the cat boxes needed to be changed desperately, and the ferret cage too.  I could not believe the stench we walked into her home, the air quality was terrible. It was nothing like the air quality I had at my own home. I had a really hard time being in her home because of the poor air quality. Her birthday is coming up this month and I suggest to my husband that we pay for her to have a whole home air purification system installed by any HVAC company she chooses.  My husband thought it was a pretty good idea because he he admits that his daughters house could use some serious help in the smell department. When I proposed the gift idea she seemed like she would be legitimately interested in having the whole home air purification system installed. Now we are just waiting to get the final approval from her on the matter.

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