We’re glad the shower is on

When some people across town decided to buy an old Inn, everyone was worried they would never be able to get the place up and running. The two of us work for a plumbing company in town, along with the fact that we certainly were hired to get some of the Cozy Cottages up to code. The two of us had our work cut out, because there were certainly a lot of problems to address in this old rickety in. The two of us decided to start in the main office and work our way back one room at a time. By the time the two of us finished in the office, there were already two plumbing problems that needed to be addressed very quickly. The two of us did many different repairs, but the toilet repairs were absolutely the worst. The two of us have certainly found that the toilets cause the most amount of problems. Toilets in the in have been in use for 40 years, along with the fact that it is easy to tell they are 40 years of age. In order to make sure the motel will have toilets free of issues, the two of us certainly installed some energy efficient low water usage toilets. Since there is only a small amount of water going down the toilet, there is a smaller risk of things being able to go flushed down there also. Toilet repairs can be expensive and highly expensive for cost, so any type of upfront maintenance can be helpful in an expensive moment

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