We’re going to extend our warranty

Sometimes I am amazed by all the random works that exist, which I have no system about. There are so many invisible actually working parts that make our current society that both of us don’t acknowledge or even have an awareness of. For instance, who develops the bus routes? Who builds traffic lights? Who keeps an eye on local businesses for safe practices? Well, just recently, I l discovered a little bit about how local companies are inspected. You see, I was minding our own business, quietly serving customers at a Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop last week, when a huge interruption pulled our attention away from the lady in front of me. A guy walked into the shop plus ever so oddly walked around, looking diligently at the structure. He said nothing to me until he asked to talk to the supervisor. That is when everything changed! He revealed himself as a public health agent, a HVAC spy guy, who was sent into the establishment to inspect the new Heating plus A/C system, plus the shop devolved into a state of concern. The HVAC spy guy walked around the walls, taking air vents apart plus shining light into the ductworks. He made his way into the back, where he was presumably looking into the furnace plus kitchen ventilation devices. Then he made his way to the side of the shop plus loudly tapped on the air conditioning system for a while. During this whole inspection process, the supervisor was on the iPhone with the owner, talking about Heating plus A/C repair schedules; Clearly, people were not feeling overly certain that air handling devices were up to code, which made myself and others not want to drink the coffee or eat the donuts. The next day when I made my way past the Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop, it was shut down for unknown “renovations.”   

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