We’re happy that the house has a basement

Living in the heart of the neighborhood can be lovely.  There is regularly something going on plus most of the stuff you want or need can be found within walking distance for the most part.  I care about the fact that I don’t even own a car because public conveyance is awesome plus can take me to job plus back, shopping for groceries, plus even to the beach.  I live in a Southern neighborhood so I can take advantage of outdoor activities all year long. Living where I do did present a problem when I first moved because the condo that I bought did not have central air conditioning.  The previous owners had just put in window units way back in the day, plus I found them to be ugly plus noisy. Because I had purchased the condo instead of renting, I was free to make any changes that I wanted to. It was luckily on the ground floor so I had straight-forward access to the outside. I had heard about the benefits of mini-cut cooling systems before plus felt this may be the perfect solution. The evaporator, which is hung up high on an interior wall connects to a small condenser which is located outside. The only thing required is a small hole that is drilled to the outside to connect the two units together.  These systems can effectively cool a lake house or small lake beach house with little cost plus repair once they are installed. The purchase price of these units varies depending upon the strength plus size plus can be high, but, they are really fuel efficient plus I figured it would improve the property value if I ever decided to sell. I care about my mini-cut A/C!

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