We’re happy with the plumbing

I have been spending so much time at property improvement stores recently because we happen to be in the middle of remodeling our property. We’re having 2 babies next month & so we are adding on 2 additional family rooms & a guest bath to our 2 family room ranch property. Since I am eight months pregnant with twins, I have to go to the lavatory rather often. If you’ve ever been in one of those big box improvement stores, you will know without a doubt that they are incredibly massive. And more often than not, any time that you need to go to the lavatory, it’s typically on the complete opposite side of the store! My feet are so achy & swollen with this pregnancy! So swollen, in fact, that the last time I was in the store seeking plumbing fixtures for the new guest lavatory, I almost didn’t make it all the way to the restroom in time. I was honestly tempted to go & pee in one of the store display toilets! It was either that or waddle all the way from the plumbing department to the store’s very large lavatory. I finally made it & I have to hand it to this particular improvement store – they make their public restrooms look really nice. They use some of the same fixtures in the lavatories that are for sale on the plumbing aisle. Actually, I really admired one of the pedestal sinks in there so much that I decided to order one just so our plumber could install it in our new lavatory! I guess having to go to the lavatory every couple of minutes has some advantages.

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