We’re leaking AC outside

When Grandma passed away, she left her home to me.

  • It is a large and sprawling home in the midwest.

There is a lot of historical charm to the house and I couldn’t give it up. I knew that the house needed some work, but I’m afraid it is going to need more work than I had anticipated. I had the house inspected by a contractor and he wasn’t kind. He told me that we needed new floor joists throughout and that there was some structural damage. I had to hire a contractor to fix these problems. Then the contractor told me that I needed a plumber because all of the pipes were lead and unsafe. He also told me that we needed a sewage drainage field. I couldn’t believe how quickly the bills were adding up. I hadn’t even started on the HVAC system. I realized that there was a draft running through the house and I checked my windows. Sure enough, I needed to replace every window, install new doors, and put insulation throughout the house. I was thinking it may have been cheaper to tear the house down and build a new one. The HVAC system was the last thing on my list. I knew that with the new windows and doors, and the insulation, the HVAC was going to be more efficient. I found a central HVAC system that was efficient and it wasn’t really that expensive. The HVAC technicians will be here next week, to install the heating and air conditioning and all of the ductwork.



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