We’re not going to do that

My college has become a bad place and the teens are now on strike, Now, I am not talking about their fast food hamburgers, nor a unorganized athletics program. Our concern is much worse than that! For the last several years, half of the college hasn’t had a fully functioning gas furnace during the Wintertime time, it’s barely 50 degrees during the day on that side of the college, The students and I can’t take it anymore. We have intended to strike as striking is our constitutional right, but the principal warned us that she’d call the police on us if we remained determined to go on strike, and she said we all need to respect authority better, that  the college would never allow strikes. It was a peaceful protest of course, nobody did anything wrong. She said that she will fail all of us and prevent us from graduating if we ever planned another strike over the gas furnace in the college. I think this is untolerable. I am going to contact all of the local news agencies the students can get this nasty situation public. I am looking into hiring a lawyer or hopefully finding a lawyer who will do the work for free on behalf of the students, and my friend’s mother is a lawyer, she said she will support the endeavor as soon as her schedule frees up. I’m so sick of being frozen inside my own college. Students just need a well functioning gas furnace, however that can’t possibly be too many requirements for a college. All the students are going to become sick if they have to sit & endure such cold classrooms day after day. We won’t stop until all of us see this heating injustice being resolved.

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