We’re okay with the air conditioner

While you may be suffering through some heatwave, it’s incredibly substantial to make sure all of the members of your family are looked after when the temperature starts to soar. If you don’t own central air conditioning or even simply a small window AC unit, this means proactively caring for your pets.  Cats, dogs, and even small rodents are just as likely to overheat as every one of us and need the same care and attention. However unlike you and I, they can’t just go jump in a cold shower or get up for a cool glass of water. Always be sure that your pets have access to plenty of water and their food. For most dogs and cats alike, a great idea to keep them cool and supply them something interesting to do is to put a few ice cubes in their water dish.  Not too many, mind you, because ice water will actually make them sick on a sizzling morning. However four or less should be fine. But my parents dogs enjoy batting the ice around, they’ll even eat some of the ice cubes sometimes! For cats, if you can’t get AC you’ll need to be certain they’re keeping cool. Overheated animals will become nauseous. As cats don’t pant the way dogs are able to regulate body temperature, you’ll have to take care they don’t get sick while in a heatwave. One of the simplest ways to cool down an animal is rub them down with an small ice pack. Simply use a small ice pack from the freezer like you’d put inside a supper box, and then pet your animal with it for a few minutes. If you do have an a/c, consider keeping it running on a low setting even while you’re not home. Not only can this be an energy savings tip, but it will also definitely keep your pets comfortable and healthy.

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