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I am going to kill my roommate Pam. I recently bought a home and decided to rent it out to Pam. Most of the time, Pam is a great roommate. The thing that drives me insane is how Pam treats our bathroom. She is really hard on the fixtures. She showers and uses up all the hot water in our water tank. She does not turn the sink faucet off all the way most of the time. So the water is slowly dripping out and wasting water. The worst is that Pam will flush her tampons down the toilet. Flushing tampons is a big no no. The reason is that tampons will hurt your septic tank or your toilet. If the tampon does not go down the pipes to the septic, it will clog your toilet. I would have to take off the toilet, use a plumber’s snake and fish out the tampon. How gross is that? It is actually worse for the tampon to make it down the piping though. Before it reaches the septic, the tampon could clog up the drain line. This is where the waste and water is filtered and seperated. Do you really want a tampon messing with how your waste is removed? If the tampon does not do this, then it stays in the septic tank. It could clog the tank or just hang out in the there. The tampon does not ever go away. So when I have a plumber over to drain the septic system one day, he will find 8 million of Pam’s tampons in there.

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