We’re very paranoid

It was rough trying to fall asleep last night. I normally drift off in about thirty seconds after my head hits the pillow, but last night, I spent almost two hours tossing and turning. I was awake and couldn’t get comfortable, either. It was an inconvenient experience. It’s been a long time since this last happened. The only times I can remember having difficulty falling asleep was when I was particularly stressed out. But last night, I didn’t feel any stress, so I didn’t understand what was causing me to have trouble falling asleep. The worst part was knowing I had to be up earlier than usual the next day. I went to bed at the same time as always, and put my pillows in their normal spot. I put my body in the usual position that helps me fall asleep. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t fall asleep. At one point I got up and drank some water, then tried sitting up for a while. None of it worked! Finally, my desperation came to a head and I went to my thermostat to adjust the temperature, which I lowered by several degrees. When the air conditioning is cold, I tend to feel even more relaxed under my blankets. After a long time, I could feel the air conditioning making my colder. I curled up under the blankets, and in no time, I heard my alarm going off. My final effort of turning down the thermostat and making the climate control really cold had done the trick. Luckily, my HVAC system is rather efficient and worked wonders to help me fall asleep.