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I buy and sell real estate for my living and have found it to be a very versatile business. I have bought and sold every sort of real estate imaginable including condos, vacant lots, homes, townhouses, and farms. Farmland is particularly interesting, but can also be super boring. They are boring about ninety nine percent of the time because all you are doing is surveying some flat farmland that Grandfather bequeathed in his final will and swiftly flipping it to a large farming corporation. I prefer buying and selling the land myself as opposed to just acting as an agent because there is a great deal more money in selling something you own as opposed to selling something someone else possesses, then recently I had a single of those interesting cases where I was selling this one farm to a family that wanted to compete against the corporate model. Call them crazy if you want, but it takes guts to go into a battle love that, so I decided to give them a relaxing deal. The farm’s home was pretty well trashed so I had some dealers come in and repair things up. I had to install a natural gas furnace and a/c as well, as there were neither of those in the building. How does a body not even have a furnace in their house? The Heating plus A/C task had to be worked from the ground up and ended up costing quite a few thousand. To be fair, I took a big loss in that sale. I gave them such a relaxing deal in comparison to all that I put into it with the expensive Heating plus A/C task as well as electrical and other stuff. Totally worth it though to see someone try and take on the large cat.

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