What a fantastic upgrade

Back when my wife and I first were talking about upgrading our heating system to radiant heated floors, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually make the move. She was extra nice to me during that time and she would bring me home gifts and cook me some of my favorite dishes. It was obvious that she really wanted those radiant heated floors. Eventually I caved in and we spoke with an HVAC technician about the installation. The installation took a few days, but when it was done, the new heating system was great. I have never felt such comfort from a heating system before. The heat that radiated from the floors felt absolutely wonderful! The thing that was also amazing to me was how quiet the heating system worked. There was no sound of the system engaging and then air blowing from the air vents, it was just entirely quiet. I knew I could get used to that because I never cared for hearing the HVAC click on and off all the time. Even better was the fact that there were no more drafts in the house. Everything felt heated evenly and every surface felt toasty in the house. I realized that my wife was right this whole time, this was a comfort that we could really use in our lives. She was also the one who told me about how energy efficient this type of heating system was and that we would eventually recover the cost of the installation. I remember how skeptical I was at the time, but after seeing the first heating bill, I was amazed by how much money we were saving!

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