What a great dinner

I am living in a big apartment. It’s horrible and a real pain to clean. Most lofts where people live you can tell when it’s appearing to get dirty. You can see all of the debris building up and then you drill out some time to clean up and then you’re all set! Not with this loft though. Most of the time, the rooms are all so spread around in the place that you don’t notice the mess getting created in all the rooms. Then 1 day, it hits you all at the same time. There is also so much wasted heating and air. I spend so much cash on our HVAC bills just to keep all of the rooms cool, when most of the day I am not even using those particular rooms. I also have no husband or pets back at beach house that need it on, so it is literally just being wasted in the unused spaces. Even the rooms that I do need to be chilled down are high-priced to keep up with. My heating and cooling device is really far away from where our living room is. My dining room is on the upper floor, but the a/c component is all the way on the lower. More often than not, our room will still be quite moderate and uncomfortable when I am heading to eat simply because our heating and cooling system is not big enough to reach up here! I realize this is not something to think is a big deal. But, in my life, it is a big deal.